An easier way to
make decisions

A complete tool for business management and decision making.

Save time, reduce costs, uncover new opportunities and scale your business with INSIKT.

Industry leaders are already using INSIKT to get ahead.

Transform data to decisions - fast

INSIKT connects to your already existing systems such as finance, sales and production systems. All information is then compiled in one place, which makes it easy to see trends and plan the future - directly in your browser.


As easy as 1-2-3

1. Plan
Regardless of whether it is an account budget, project budget or something else, INSIKT makes it easy for you to get accurate planning. With modules for all kinds of planning, you can gather the entire business in one tool.

2. Control
Manage change, prioritize correctly and communicate effectively. With INSIKT, you get everything you need to effectively manage your business and cope with a changing everyday life.

3. Analyze
Switch between a detailed view and the bigger picture. Investigate what affects the result and discover driving factors you were previously unable to see.

One system to do it all.



A user-friendly tool that allows you to do everything from identifying trends to building reports and sharing with your colleagues - right in your browser.

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Everything you need for accurate planning. Through the product's web interface, you can involve the entire organization and streamline your work.

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Projekt is a comprehensive tool for project management. The tool supports the entire project needs of the business, regardless of whether it is small administrative projects or large investment projects.

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With Scorecard, you can easily set your own and joint goals and effectively communicate strategies to the entire organization. The tool is dynamic and supports the organization's goal management work from planning and execution to follow-up.

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"If we, through INSIKT and the continous forecasting, can postpone a borrowing need of 150 million for 30 days, we can save the annual cost of INSIKT."

Mikael Siding, Projectcontroller


Built to be adapted

INSIKT is built to be adapted to your organazitions needs.

Integrate all your systems

Gather data from all your systems and harness the value of a integrated business intelligence tool. 


An extension of your team

When using INSIKT, you always get a personal contact person with knowledge of your solution who is eager to help.

Involve the right people

It is easy to involve more people in the planning and analysis when using INSIKT. And, if you have sensetive data, you can always limit who sees what.

Some of the advantages


Data becomes decicions

Supporting your decisions with facts is of course one of the absolute biggest advantages of a decision support. Look at historical data, tune the current situation or make future forecasts to ensure the right decision is made.


Available to everyone

Employees have access to data based on their area of ​​responsibility and can see trends and developments. This increases commitment and benefits the entire organization.


Clear visualization

A good decision support gives you the opportunity to create interactive reports where you can present your data with charts or other gauges. It increases understanding and makes the entire organization more efficient.


Powerful analysis

With visualizations, key figures, the ability to zoom in and out, to twist and turn the numbers, many of your employees can participate in the all-important analysis work.


Overview & details

Sometimes you really need to dig into numbers to understand and sometimes it's just the opposite, you need the helicopter perspective to see the bigger picture. A good decision support gives you both possibilities.


Time saved

With automated data capture and automatically updated reports, margins for error are reduced in addition to all the time you gain.

Got any questions?

What do I need to be able to use INSIKT?

INSIKT is completely web-based where the browser and web server communicate over http or https, where the latter is recommended to get secure traffic. The standard https with certificate and IIS as web server applies here. Web server and database server communicate via standard SQL Server which is normally not encrypted, but it is within one and the same server or alternatively between two servers in the same server network. Communication between INSIKT's background service and INSIKT's web application uses http and is encrypted according to the same configuration as the traffic between browser and web server.

What can I do to prepare for an implementation?

Make sure to read through our implementation guide, you can reach it here: Implementation guide

Implementing a BI-tool is not an IT project, it is an operational project. Therefore, you should have people from the business available, people with responsibilities and mandates.

Investigate the conditions carefully and ask questions about, for example, operation, management, security, performance, how to access data, etc. Here, as the client, you must place high demands on your implementation partner to contribute.

At the start of the project, roles, responsibilities and communication channels must of course be established. Make sure everyone involved gets their questions answered before everything gets started.

An implementation has many moving parts. Luckily, we've done it before - over 500 times in fact. Get in touch and we'll talk more about how your implementation will be as good as possible.

Is it possible to control the permissions and access in INSIKT?

Yes, everything is permission controlled in INSIKT.

It is possible to set own authorization levels in INSIKT via the administration module, which is only accessed by users with sufficient authorizations.

Here the administrator can search for and add, edit, synchronize and delete users. Other capabilities available through this administration interface include the ability to send out password reset emails, anonymize deleted users, display users blocked by the system, and display the number of licenses.

Permission can be based on either individual users or groups of users and security groups.

Time is money - save both