We're here for you

Do you have questions? Is something not right?
Get in touch with our service desk and they will help you.

This is what our service desk can help you with

Our servicedesk helps you as a customer with most things regarding our products and solutions. It can be anything from navigating the product and log-in to more technical tasks such as new installations and support during changes in your IT-environment. 

If our servicedesk can not solve the issue straight away, your matter will be passed on through the organization depending on which qualifications are needed.

How to contact service desk

The easiest way to reach our servicedesk is either through email or our servicedesk portal. If you prefer email, just send an email to with an explanation about what you need help with and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In order to get a quick and effective answer it is important that you explain your matter as thoroughly as you can.

If you choose to use our servicedesk portal you will be able to post your own tickets, see the status of your ticket as well as manage your contacts with servicedesk straight in the portal.