Plan to succeed

Everything you need for accurate planning. 

Stop the spreadsheet madness

Spreadsheets are great, just not for planning in a modern organisation.

The right information - all the time

Through the product's web interface, a large number of employees can be involved in the budgeting without making the process difficult and time-consuming. Planning based on budgets or rolling forecasts can be sped up and creates greater participation among employees. Data is entered via the browser and integrated with underlying business systems. Analysis of differences between actual outcome and plans is done easily with INSIKT Analysis.


Less manual labour, more analysis

Instead of the finance department having to spend resources on collecting and handling data, the employees enter the information themselves, which is then automatically integrated and consolidated. The focus can instead be placed on qualitative work such as analysis and planning. The direct dialogue between users is encouraged and simplified, which shortens the time for budget work and increases quality.


Smart functions

INSIKT Planning contains a number of smart solutions that facilitate the planning work. Workflow engine with certificate, monitoring and control. Integration with underlying business systems and INSIKT Analysis makes it easy to analyze differences between outcomes and plans. The product also supports simulation, logging, planning instructions and driver-based budgeting. Plans and budgets can be supplemented with comments and documents down to specific cells, which facilitates understanding and dialogue between different employees.


Some of the advantages


Data becomes decicions

Supporting your decisions with facts is of course one of the absolute biggest advantages of a decision support. Look at historical data, tune the current situation or make future forecasts to ensure the right decision is made.


Available to everyone

Employees have access to data based on their area of ​​responsibility and can see trends and developments. This increases commitment and benefits the entire organization.


Clear visualization

A good decision support gives you the opportunity to create interactive reports where you can present your data with charts or other gauges. It increases understanding and makes the entire organization more efficient.


Powerful analysis

With visualizations, key figures, the ability to zoom in and out, to twist and turn the numbers, many of your employees can participate in the all-important analysis work.


Overview & details

Sometimes you really need to dig into numbers to understand and sometimes it's just the opposite, you need the helicopter perspective to see the bigger picture. A good decision support gives you both possibilities.


Time saved

With automated data capture and automatically updated reports, margins for error are reduced in addition to all the time you gain.

Se hur allt hänger ihop

Med INSIKT får du inte bara en kraftfull lösning för ditt planeringsarbete utan kan enkelt jobba ihop med de andra delarna av produkten. Låt målen i Målstyrning sätta riktningen, styr alla dina projekt i Projekt, sätt årets budget i Planering och följ upp allting i Analys.

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