This is how INSIKT works in the construction industry

In the construction and installation industry, project follow-up is a central part of the business. The projects usually involve high liquidity and consist of many different sub-projects and project types, therefore it is important to be able to follow the results in each sub-project, as well as to be able to act and react to control the project. This is not always easy as the amount of information is often scattered in different source systems (e.g. calculation systems, business systems, invoicing systems and payroll systems), which means that the manual labour can be demanding and, in the worst case, misleading.

Through modern system support, it is possible to collect all information from underlying source systems in one place with the help of integrations. The information becomes easily available among the employees and their awareness of the projects increases when they can spend time on the right things. Supervisors and managers should not have to jump between different programs to reconcile their projects and make a forecast. With the right data, at the right time, it is possible to work with analysis and control of the projects, which means that the budget, forecast and planning work will be much more precise and of higher quality.

Customized project management

No two organizations are the same. Therefore, through INSIKT, you can choose the level at which you want to manage the project follow-up. With support for managing different parameters at different levels within the organization, the possibilities for customizing your project follow-up are endless. It can be about everything from handling unforseen changes to different levels of coverage contributions and project analyses.

A system support for project follow-up must not necessarily change the way of working, but must also be able to be adapted to the business and meet the needs it has. Whether you want to reconcile the project at, for example, account, building component, resource level, or something else, the system must provide support for this. Based on our experience, it increases both utility and user engagement.

No more surprises

Through our solution in INSIKT, all project information can be collected in one place to provide support for project follow-up in the way that suits your business. Final cost forecasts are customized as needed with information volume, payment plan/periodization input and management support to manage liquidity forecasts. Reports are customized according to user/role with support for e.g. results, project ledgers, KPIs and visualizations.

Get in touch with us today and we'll tell you more about how efficient and automated project follow-up with project-relevant information collected in one place gives employees the opportunity to spend much more time on analysis and proactive work with control and forecasting.


”With a simple system, we first get the data in. It is like a law of nature that if the system is too complicated, it becomes a threshold to use, even if you may know how it works. And secondly, it will be the right data.”



Jonas Jönehall, CFO, Wästbygg

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