Reach new heights

Set your own and joint goals and effectively communicate strategies to the entire organization.

Like post-it notes that actually means something

Scorecard is dynamic and supports the organization's goal management work from planning and execution to follow-up.

Have the entire business striving towards the same goal

With INSIKT Scorecard, all parts of the business are engaged and involved by making the overall goals of the business clear and connecting them with activities at all levels within the organization. Increase commitment and create transparency when all employees get a good overview of the common goals that the entire organization is working towards.

Create metrics and set target values ​​linked to the organization's goals to ensure that these produce the desired effect. Supplement your gut feeling with numbers that prove you are heading in the right direction, or discover in time when a goal needs to be changed or improved.


Increased communication for better results

With INSIKT Scorecard, it becomes easy to define, visualize and communicate the business's common goals to the entire organization. Overall goals or visions are easily broken down into sub-goals and activities to transform goals into action.

In INSIKT, it is easy to set goals that are based on the business's vision and long-term strategy, while the tool is adapted to support ongoing improvement work. With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, users can themselves adjust, create, prioritize and delegate among goals and activities with the push of a button.


Ensure goal fulfillment

INSIKT supports a dynamic goal-setting process where the user can directly see how different parts of the organization are doing via informative customized portal reports without having to spend time compiling. Praise well-executed activities, remind about delays and prioritize according to new conditions. You decide yourself how you want to follow up and analyze the work and can easily create your own reports to share within the organization.

INSIKT Scorecard can also seamlessly connects with INSIKT Analysis, Planning and Projects for an effective overall solution that meets the needs of the entire business.


Some of the advantages


Data becomes decicions

Supporting your decisions with facts is of course one of the absolute biggest advantages of a decision support. Look at historical data, tune the current situation or make future forecasts to ensure the right decision is made.


Available to everyone

Employees have access to data based on their area of ​​responsibility and can see trends and developments. This increases commitment and benefits the entire organization.


Clear visualization

A good decision support gives you the opportunity to create interactive reports where you can present your data with charts or other gauges. It increases understanding and makes the entire organization more efficient.


Powerful analysis

With visualizations, key figures, the ability to zoom in and out, to twist and turn the numbers, many of your employees can participate in the all-important analysis work.


Overview & details

Sometimes you really need to dig into numbers to understand and sometimes it's just the opposite, you need the helicopter perspective to see the bigger picture. A good decision support gives you both possibilities.


Time saved

With automated data capture and automatically updated reports, margins for error are reduced in addition to all the time you gain.

Take control of your data